Billing & Pricing

  • Patients may have copays, deductibles and/or coinsurance. Note that these amounts may vary depending on your insurance plan

  • An active credit card has to be on file to bill the amounts at the time of checking in for the appointment. Cash or check is also acceptable

  • Please note that failure to pay may lead to cancellation of the appointment

  • You might receive monthly statements if any fees are due

Office visits with Psychiatrists:

  • Initial Assessment: $300

  • 30 min follow-up: $200

  • 45 min follow-up: $275

Office visits with mental health counselors:

  • Initial Assessment: $175

  • 30 min follow-up: $85

  • 45-60min Follow-up: $140


  • Self-pay rates will be equivalent to Medicare rates

  • Forms/reports/letters done outside of office visits costs $50
  • Refills done outside of office visits costs $20
  • Exceptions apply
  • Call at least 2 business days ahead of time to cancel or reschedule an appointment
  • Cancellations within 2 business days and not showing for an appointment is considered a no-show
  • Note that the No-Show fee is $50
  • A total of 3 no-shows is grounds for termination from the practice